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Campfire Brie Dip

  • Author: Garianne Gagliardi


Starting off the week with new campfire recipes🔥🪵🍽️ now that we have Ruby tagging along for our camping trips we like to keep the meals super easy! This Brie Dip is perfect with only 5 ingredients + takes about 30 minutes to cook over fire!


cherry tomatoes
Brie cheese
olive oil
almonds (optional)
jam (optional)
baguette, to cut into crostinis


in a cast iron skillet lather with oil, place down your brie cheese round and surround the area with cherry tomatoes that’re tossed in oil/seasoning. Place over fire with lid or aluminum foil until cheese is fully melted and tomatoes are bubbly!

for the bread “chips” slice a loaf, lather each slice wit oil/salt and place in cast iron skillet with lid. flip after about 10 minutes over open fire. keep an eye on both dishes as it depends how close to the fire the pan is and how strong your fire is!